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Big Pasty Productions have some tasty Cards and Cheeky Badges for you!


The choas of the Transfer Window is over  [for now!] , so we can concentrate on pain and glory of the normal games. The full Premier League is now honoured in the Football Fever range.  More clubs can be made into the fab Cufflinks , just ask if they're not on site.



Pasty Range   Cards for Cornwall and Devon and Pasty Lovers!   And we've got Zackly the right fun and cheeky Badges too! 


The Vibrant range covers the OccasionsBirthdaysRomance and a bit of Cheeky fun!

The Numbers are Unisex Age Birthdays and go from 0 "Your Actual Birth Day" straight through to 21, covering those difficult Teens,  and then the Landmark Decades after that.

The Punk gives you the retro take on the rebellious attitude with a kick of today’s feelings

The Stripes are for the mature man for those who don't want Cars and beer and golf on their card!